Memorial Day Weekend Activities

Memorial Day Weekend allows you to begin your summer and start doing all of the activities has to offer. What is a challenge is combining the best of summer all into one weekend to set the tone for summer properly. I thought I could give some suggestions.

1. Go to a Music Festival


I went to Ultra music Festival. It was the absolute best time ever. I want to go back next year on the condition that I can afford to go. There are so many concerts to check out. Go to one. Enjoy it.

2. Frozen Drinks


It is hot out again. Go drink some margaritas, pina coladas,  or strawberry daiquiris. Get some ice cream. Make alcoholic popsicles. Be messy. Have fun.

3. Have a Bonfire



Nothing is better than hanging out with all your friends, talking, drinking some beer and surrounding a bonfire and relaxing after a nice long day of day drinking and on the beach.

4. Drive Around with the Windows Down and Music Blasting

A beautiful, energetic, fresh, smiling young female business wom


The only acceptable way to drive in the summer is with your windows down (or top down if you have a convertible), music blasting, and you singing and dancing. There is no other way to enjoy getting around place to place whether you are going down the road for five minutes or five hours. The louder the music, the more people around you want ot listen.

5. Night Swimming

pool night


Swimming during the day is awesome. Swimming during the night is a completely different rodeo. It is a lot more fun. The air is a bit cooler and the water is warmer which makes you never want to leave. Plus, it is amazing when you are with females. Bonus points for doing it naked aka Skinny Dipping.

6. Outdoor Activities

Sunset Surfer

Surfing is the best thing to do in the summer. Although, don’t limit yourself to just surfing. Don’t forget running, walking, sailing, biking, golfing, and any other activity that you can do outside. It is warm. Don’t stay inside. If you can do it drunk, you get more bonus points.

7. Sprinklers, Super-soakers, Hoses, Pool, and more

water gun fight


Along with doing activities outside, don’t forget all the water activities that aren’t limited to the beach. Go hit the pool! Check out the biggest water slide at the water park. Go buy a few super soakers and live like a child by having a water gun fight with water balloon grenades. Aim for the eyes because that’s the sweet spot.

8. Barbecuing


Now that it is warm out, all the barbecues have to come out. You can cook literally all your food on the barbecue. Actually, you can cook all your food on the barbecue with different accessories. From seafood to steaks, everything tastes better. Go experiment and make delicious food.

9. Fresh Food

fresh food


Tis the season of fruit, vegetables, and everything else that comes out of the ground that you can eat. Rather than having food come from places all over the country and world, go to your local farmer’s market and start buying vegetables and fruit that is delicious. You will enjoy it a lot more.

10. Beaches



I am going to end this correctly. Go to the beach. In the summer, you can’t find me away from the beach. It has everything – booze, girls, music, water, sand, relaxation, and parties. There is no place better than the beach! It is summer. GO TO THE BEACH.

Try and do all of this from Today to Monday.

-Swag Out

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